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A freelance writer typically earns between $35 and $100 hour completing simple writing gigs. Freelance writers earn anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 per month writing from the comfort of their homes.

The amount you earn is based on how many jobs you accept and how fast you finish them. For instance, if you complete 5 articles at $250 per article in one week, that's $1,250 a week, $5,000/month and $60,000/year.

Our research shows that the average freelance writer can earn over $60,000/year completing simple writing tasks, with many writers earning well over $100,000/year. With our training and tools, you can earn that too.

What types of writing gigs can I expect to find?  Typically, most gigs consist of writing content for websites. Blogs, articles, support content, and social media posts are most common. There are plenty of other jobs as well. For instance, you could get hired to write scripts for sales and training videos. We also offer the ability to search a massive database of publications that are actively looking for article submissions and pitches. 

With our tools, we help you filter out through the topics you want to write more: fashion, food, sports, etc.  We have done all the work to locate the most reliable companies. You can find the best writing jobs directly from your dashboard. Most of the companies on your dashboard will pay you electronically by PayPal or direct deposit immediately after completion of the task. Before your job starts YOU define when and how you want to receive your payment. See below a screenshot of the WritersWork dashboard you’ll be using to find high-paying writing jobs:

These companies pay anywhere from $100 to $2,000 per article, post, or blog submission.

We welcome writers of ALL skill levels. Our tools and resources, like the University Library, help guide you on your way to a career as a freelance writer.  Not to mention, our document editor has built in grammar and style checking to make sure you are always sending top quality work to your clients.   Here's a screenshot of the University Library you'll be using from your dashboard at WritersWork:

If you're interested in becoming a freelance writer, whether part-time, full-time or in a transitional or supplementary income capacity, it pays to start with one of the best writing jobs locator partner available in the industry. Our members have found great freelance and remote positions with companies like:
We'll show you how to get started in less that 30 minutes. Once your training is finished you can jump right on the job finder and locate the best writing job opportunities on the web and build a stable and profitable writing career working from home.

At WritersWork we work hard to create the best tools to train you and generate proven results for you quickly.  Click the button below to start your application process.

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